Since the 27th of December a regional disease that started in Wuhan, China has begun to spread not just through the region, but through-out the world. Cases are now being confirmed on every continent. The Wuhan coronavirus affects our respiratory system and causes symptoms that are similar to the common cold, but much more severe. 

These symptoms include nasal congestion, cough, headache, sore throat, and fever. The aforementioned symptoms sounds like your average cold, right? However, the Wuhan virus does more; it easily leads to pneumonia. (an infection that inflames the air sacs in one or both lungs.) However, the full effects are still unknown. Here is a brief timeline of events regarding this new virus.

December 27th: First case of an “unknown virus” Is reported in Wuhan, China. Workers at an outside seafood market were the first to report showing symptoms of the virus.

December 31st: China alerts the WHO (World Health Organization) to several cases of pneumonia in the port city of Wuhan.

January 1st: The outside seafood market where the first initial cases were diagnosed, is shut down.

January 7th: WHO officially give the virus the name 2019-nCoV. It is from the coronavirus family, which includes SARS. (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.) As well as the common cold. 

January 11th: China reports and announces the first death since the virus outbreak began. The victim was a 61 year old man who had visited the Wuhan seafood market. 

January 13th: First international case of the Wuhan coronavirus is reported in Thailand. 

January 16th: Japan reports that a man that had previously visited Wuhan has the country’s first case of the virus. 

January 20th: China reports that 3 deaths have been confirmed because of the virus. 100 new infections were also reported. On this same day, it is confirmed that human-to-human contact can result in the virus being contracted. 

January 21st: The first U.S case is confirmed in Seattle, Washington 

January 22nd: A total death toll of 9 people from china is confirmed. Further, a total of 440 confirmed cases and 2,200 people that came in contact with those victims is also reported. 

January 23rd: The cities of Wuhan, Xiantao and Chibi are officially under quarantine. China expects to quarantine several other cities, as well. This same day, Singapore announces its first case. 

January 25th:  Chinese President Xi Jinping is quoted as saying the world is facing a “grave situation.” This same day, Canada announces it’s first case of the virus. 

January 26th: 2,000 people globally have been confirmed to be infected.

January 27th: There are now 100 confirmed deaths from the Wuhan virus.

There is still a lot of studying and research that needs to be done until we fully understand the full effects of the Wuhan coronavirus. However, there are small and simple steps that you can do everyday to support your immune system during these challenging times.