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Ayush™ Baby Massage Oil

Increases Child's Relaxation, Provides Sense of Well-Being, & Soothes Muscles

Product Number RU-011

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AYUSH™ BABY MASSAGE OIL can improve your baby's neurological development, strengthen his/her immune system, and promote healthy sleep. Babies who are massaged show increased sensory awareness and improved circulation. Parents and other caregivers have often found that common discomforts such as teething pain, colic, chest/sinus congestion, and even emotional stress can be soothed and eased away during infant massage.

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Main Herb
  • Supports improvement of babies' neurological development
  • Promotes healthy sleep
  • Helps to relieve common discomforts

Apply lukewarm oil all over your infant's body and gently work it into the skin. Baby Massage Oil may be applied at night and left on the skin while your baby sleeps, then washed off in a morning bath.

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