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Supporting The Body’s Inner Intelligence

Ayurvedic body massage known as Abhyangha, is one important procedure for allowing the body to achieve such balance through the body’s inner intelligence. Ayurvedic body oils are traditionally prepared by using a blend of specified herbal parts, water, and oil. Ayush Herbs pays special attention to the preparation process, in which the blend is then cooked until the water has been evaporated and the oil becomes “herbalized,” preserving the value of the herbs while also using only organic and cold-pressed oils for all-oil preparations.

Abhyangha’s are specific to body types and conditions. For example, oil massages are soothing and rejuvenating to the vata type with a sesame oil base, whereas the Pitta body type benefits from moderately deep touch with a coconut oil base, and the kapha type appreciates deep-tissue massage with a base of mustard and olive oils.

While supporting the body’s inner intelligence from an external source with oil massage, it is imperative to work internally, within the body. According to Ayurvedic tradition, the intake of Ayurvedic teas, combining dosha specific herbs and essential oils provide support to correct imbalances and enhance general well-being. RUVed’s teas further provide enhanced flavor and aroma to provide added support.

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Amla Oil (6 oz.)

Soothes & Relaxes Skin


Baby Massage Oil

Increases Child's Relaxation, Provides Sense of...


Basil Oil (6 oz.)

Promotes General Sense of Well-Being


Breast Massage Oil

Soothes Breast Tissue


Narayan Oil (6 oz.)

Soothes Muscles & Joints


Neem Oil (6 oz.)

Promotes Healthy Skin


ProKapha Massage Oil™

Restores Vital Warmth & Energy to the Body


ProPita Massage Oil™

Promotes Sense of Well-Being & Balances the Pitta...


ProVata Massage Oil™

Promotes Relaxation & Balances the Vata Dosha


Ayush Hair Oil (6 oz.)

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