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Ayush™ Pet Neem Ear Drops (2 oz.)

Ayurvedic Pet Skin Support

Product Number AYV0012


Doctor-formulated and vet approved, Ayush™ Pet NeemEar Drops, is an herbal formula that promotes healthy ears and skin in pets, soothes irritation, and relieves discomfort. Neem has been recognized for its use in offering a healthy response to immune challenges and also promotes healthy skin. It is safe to use in your pet’s ears and also topically as needed.

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Main Herb

Place 20 drops in each ear twice daily or apply topically to affected skin or consult physician.

  • Supports the immune system
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Adaptogen
  • Promotes healthy skin and detoxification
  • Supports the digestive system and liver

Guna (Properties): Light

Rasa (Taste): Astringent, bitter

Vipak (Post-Digestive Taste): Pungent

Virya (Energies): Cold

Prabhav (Effects): Kushtroghar (promotes healthy skin, maintains normal blood sugar balance, promotes wound healing)

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