Kidney & Liver Support

Shilajeet Mumiyo™ (60)

Ayurvedic Urinary Tract Support

Product Number AY0035 (UPC #891501001357)

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AYUSH™ SHILAJEET MUMIYO™ is a mineral pitch found in the Himalayan region of India. It has at least 85 minerals in ionic form and has been used traditionally for genitourinary and immune support, as well as for its aphrodisiac properties. In Sanskrit, shila means “high mountains” and jit means “to conquer.” This mineral pitch has been the traditional secret mineral used by Russian athletes for its support of endocrine system performance and its rejuvenative effect. Shilajeet Mumiyo™ contains the perfect array of bio-available minerals from this ancient remedy for endocrine system support.

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Main Herb
  • Genitourinary and immune support
  • Support of endocrine system
  • Rejuvenative effects

1 capsule one (1) time a day with food or as recommended by a professional.

Guna (Properties): Heavy, dry and cold

Rasa (Taste): Pungent, bitter, astringent, salty

Vipak (Post-Digestive Taste): Pungent

Virya (Energies): Hot

Prabhav (Effects): Rasayan (Adaptogen)

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