CoCuMocha Bulletproof Coffee Recipe


We have an awesome new CoCurcumin recipe from one of our local doctors. She makes her own version of the popular “bulletproof coffee”. I think we should call it the CoCuMocha or maybe a mochumin?


1 tablespoon of Cocurcumin

1 teaspoon cocoa powder

A touch of your favorite milk or milk substitute


Coffee of your choice (might I suggest the Equal Exchange Love Buzz?)

Combine these ingredients and blend, whisk, or stir until blended. An immersion blender works well and can create a bit of foam. The medium chain triglycerides from the CoCurcumin provide some brain food to go along with the brain boosting properties of the coffee and cacao. The turmeric and cacao provide antioxidants and support a healthy inflammatory response. Give it a try and start your day a little bit healthier.

Let us know your favorite CoCurcumin recipe!